Flux Enterprise

Assured Flux CD

ControlPlane Enterprise enhances the security and stability of Kubernetes GitOps delivery through comprehensive security assurance, including rigorous bitstream remediation and compliance with required regulatory standards for Flux CD.

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Enterprise Distribution Features

  • Hardened Images

    The ControlPlane distribution comes with hardened container images and FIPS-compliance for the Flux controllers.

  • Zero CVEs

    We employ continuous vulnerabilities scanning and CVE patching for the Flux controllers.

  • 24/7 Support

    Our team provides best-in-class expertise to securely design, deploy, and operate your Flux CD instances at scale.

  • FIPS Compliance

    The ControlPlane distribution includes FIPS-compliant Flux builds based on FIPS 140-2 validated BoringSSL.

  • Kubernetes Compatibility

    The ControlPlane distribution comes with assured compatibility for OpenShift and Kubernetes LTS versions provided by cloud vendors.

  • Supply Chain Security

    The ControlPlane distribution supply chain is SLSA Build Level 3, and ships cryptographically signed images, SBOMs and VEX documents.